Christian Orejudos

Chief Executive Officer, Kunming LIH SkyCity Rehabilitation Hospital, China

Christian is the CEO of Kunming LIH SkyCity Rehabilitation Hospital. He received a Master Degree in MBA from University of Phoenix in 2004.He is a graduated in Psychology Seattle Pacific University in the year 1997. He served as Executive Vice-president and CEO for 2011-2016 in Shanghai Redleaf International Women's Hospital. He is committed to highest standards of excellence and it proves through his works.

11.40 - 12.25 PM Panel

Tuesday 20 October

Frontier Technologies In Healthcare

  • AI, ML, 5G, VR, Robotics, Wi Fi 6...what new technologies we can expect to emerge in the next 2-3 years, and how will they impact healthcare?
  • How do we hasten the adoption of technology and innovation in addressing the challenges in healthcare? What are the impediments in technology adoption, from a people and process point of view?
  • Do you think the pandemic has hastened or slowed the adoption of forward-looking tech in healthcare organisations? With many transformation initiatives being hastened because of COVID-19, are we looking at a silver lining in terms of tech adoption at least?
  • In many parts of Asia, basic digitisation is yet to be embarked on in rural hospitals, while top healthcare facilities in urban centres boast top-of-the-line cutting-edge technologies. How do we address this massive divide?
  • When it comes to technology purchasing, who decides in the chain of command within a healthcare institution - is it always the CIO, or also a board-level, or whole-of-C-suite decision?
  • Technology refresh is often confined to top-level back-end refresh. How can it be made more universal, and brought to the front-line workers in healthcare institutions?