Edison Dungo

Director of IT, Manila Doctors Hospitals, Philippines

Edison Dungo is the Director of Information Technology at Manila Doctors Hospitals in the Philippines.

He was formerly VP of IT at Makati Medical Center, and also former Director of ISACA Manila. Prior to that, he was also with Petron Corporation in Application Support.

Edison received his Bachelor in Business Administration and Management from Dela Salle University.

11.40 - 12.25 PM Panel

Tuesday 20 October

Frontier Technologies In Healthcare

  • AI, ML, 5G, VR, Robotics, Wi Fi 6...what new technologies we can expect to emerge in the next 2-3 years, and how will they impact healthcare?
  • How do we hasten the adoption of technology and innovation in addressing the challenges in healthcare? What are the impediments in technology adoption, from a people and process point of view?
  • Do you think the pandemic has hastened or slowed the adoption of forward-looking tech in healthcare organisations? With many transformation initiatives being hastened because of COVID-19, are we looking at a silver lining in terms of tech adoption at least?
  • In many parts of Asia, basic digitisation is yet to be embarked on in rural hospitals, while top healthcare facilities in urban centres boast top-of-the-line cutting-edge technologies. How do we address this massive divide?
  • When it comes to technology purchasing, who decides in the chain of command within a healthcare institution - is it always the CIO, or also a board-level, or whole-of-C-suite decision?
  • Technology refresh is often confined to top-level back-end refresh. How can it be made more universal, and brought to the front-line workers in healthcare institutions?